Managing the HR and Compliance Issues of Social Networking

I’m researching for my upcoming presentation at the Conference Board’s “Social Media and HR” conference, and I came across this great post. I thought I would share it here. If you plan on attending the Social Media and HR conference, please let me know! I’d love to connect in person.

Managing the HR and compliance issues of social networking
Ted Ritter, Nemertes Research — 15 February 2010

Enterprise social networking tools heighten business collaboration, but they also introduce new risks and challenges. In the absence of an aggressive, risk-based approach to HR and compliance regulations, business social networking tools – whether private or public – could put your enterprise in jeopardy.

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Social Knows: Employee Engagement Statistics

In a new post series called “Social Knows,” we will be sniffing out and compiling statistics and research regarding workplace / workforce management, human resources and employee engagement. The goal is to provide you with additional knowledge necessary to support your own research and strategies. Submissions always accepted as well.

Employee Engagement and Intranet 2.0

  • 52% of organizations using Web 2.0 achieved Best-in-Class performance compared to only 5% that didn’t (Aberdeen Group)
  • Companies using Web 2.0 tools achieved 18% increase in engagement versus 1% among those that didn’t
  • 27% of organizations have social networking on their corporate intranets

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List of Social Intranet, Enterprise 2.0, Collaboration, Engagement, and HR Technology Experts

Below is what’s intended to be a growing resource list of professionals, bloggers, enthusiasts and experts who focus on creating a social workplace through — but not necessarily limited to — collaborative technologies, corporate social media, intranets, employee engagement or HR technology. If you or your community (more than one contributing author) would like to be included, please submit your information via the contact form or by commenting below and we will be sure to include you.


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Communities / Companies

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Fundamental Techniques and Building Blocks to Create a Powerful and Profitable Brand

Below is an excerpt from ANA Marketing’s The Five Drivers to Creating and Maintaining Brand Loyalty. Visit the ANA Marketing web site to read this post in its entirety. To discover more tips on using social media to build your brand, register for the ANA’s course on The Art and Science of Brand Building that begins on April 18, 2011 in New York, NY.

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Creating a Social Intranet where Employees can Learn, Plan and Do

This post is the introduction to a new three part “Learn, Plan and Do” series that explores the use of social technologies to take your intranet to the next level, to create a social intranet. But hopefully you will find that it goes even further.. to not only create a social intranet, but to also introduce your employees to an integrated social experience.

Special note: Proud to say that this post made Ragan’s HR Communicator on March 17, 2011. Thank you everyone for your tweets, retweets and comments. The Social Workplace only truly exhibits the essence of social media when you contribute to it. Thank you!

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