Engaged Employees Love Their Work, but Love Their Lives Even More

It’s been a loooonnng day…

I’ve spent 9+ hours working on the computer for my work job and here it is.. nearing 1AM and I’m still on the computer but now writing a blog post. My eyes are going cross-eyed and my finger tips are raw from tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard. I did take a break today, shuttling my kids around and going to dinner at Golden Corral (yes, I know), but, of course, I still checked my e-mail messages, Twitter and Facebook accounts on my TWO phones while talking school and shoveling buffet goodness into my mouth. To top it all off, I’m still wearing my kick @ss 5-inch heels. And there’s a reason why I’m doing all of this. I LOVE what I do.  Aside from the shoes, does this sound familiar?

With the dawn of social technologies, “ease of use,” and overall mobility, it’s easy to get lost in the endless cycle of work-life-work-life-work-work-work. I should know, I admit that I fall victim to mismanaging my work and personal life all the time — easy to do, especially when snippets of your personal life (e.g., blogging and speaking) are in addition to what you do at work.

Well, thank my ever-loving Fatty Catty (I really do have a cat who I call Fatty), my 5-inch heels must come off at some point otherwise my feet would never recover. And that’s my indicator that my work has ended and my LIFE has begun.

As the new year begins, I’d like to remind everyone the importance of doing the same: like your work, but love your life — OR love your work, but love your life even more. In the past two decades, the US economy has experienced a 60 percent growth in productivity. But, at what cost? Don’t become All Work and No Play (The Overworked American, Good.is)

Work / Life balance is essential to not only you but for your organization as well

Organizations that create cultures that value balance, and assist employees to achieve life balance will be rewarded with highly engaged employees. Work-life balance does not mean  that employees are not loyal, nor committed to their organizations, it means that employees want to lead whole lives, not lives solely centered on work. (Driving Employee Engagement, The Banff Centre)

We tend to define our lives first by our work and then by all the other facets of our day. We justify working for a living to attain what we want. In the process, are we keeping our lives in balance? (Working for a Living, Good.is).

So go ahead… kick those heels off… or your shoes… end your work day and begin living your life! Be an employee who loves her (or his) work, but loves her life even more!


Elizabeth 🙂



Elizabeth is a strategic communications leader with nearly 20 years experience in both internal and external communications. She is a passionate advocate for developing communications that foster a stronger relationship between the organization and its employees. She is a global keynote speaker on employee engagement and HR communications. Elizabeth is a certified professional in Employer Brand through Universum Global's Employer Branding Academy.

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