How to Cope with The 10 Most Pesky Workplace Personalities

Original Source: 10 Difficult Employees (and How to Handle Them), Inc.

Whether your company is an early-stage start-up or a huge corporation, you’ve surely run into an employee who drives you batty. Here’s an look at of the 10 most irritating workplace characters–along with some advice on how to get them back on track.

Be honest now… which one are YOU!?

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Why Social Privacy Needs to be a Social Priority [Infographic]

Original source: The Sad State of Social Media Privacy [Infographic], MDG Advertising

The relationship between social media and privacy has long been a controversial one, but with recent privacy breaches, ever-changing privacy settings and an overall increase in the things we share in social media, there is now renewed attention to the troublesome topic. To shed some light on where consumers stand on social media privacy issues, MDG Advertising created an enlightening infographic that shows consumers’ levels of trust, feelings of control, and attitudes toward online privacy and protection. It also offers insight on what consumers ultimately want in terms of social media and privacy. With consumers becoming more and more concerned about protecting their privacy in the social media era, social networks must make privacy a priority in order to keep consumers as fans and followers.

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Social Collaboration is Here to Stay

Original Source: The State of Social Collaboration, Central Desktop

Social collaboration is here to stay.  In less than five years, the dialogue around social collaboration has shifted from skepticism to “expecticism.”

In the near future, software vendors won’t differentiate on whether or not they are social – virtually all business software will be inherently social. The intranets of tomorrow will ALL be like Facebook. Rapid and hyper collaboration tools that leverage the entire company and remote workers will be “table stakes” in the enterprise.

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Social Content Strategy – Cheeseburger Style

I recently came across this excellent post written by Jeffrey Cohen of Radian6, 6 Layers of Social Media Content Strategy, and also Mark Smiciklas’ graphical interpretation of Jeff’s metaphor. I loved it so much that I decided to take it one step further and create an infographic from it, adding some of my own thoughts on an effective social content strategy.

Content creators are often inspired by their surroundings when developing ideas for their social media profiles, but their content strategy is the guiding principle that makes it all work. Good content marketing plan contains a number of different elements including theme, audience, tone, publishing channel, etc. But how do all of these components come together to form a cohesive strategy? Well, it really is as easy as making a cheeseburger.

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7 Trends in Employer Branding for 2012

Original Source: 7 trends in employer branding for 2012, Daniel Wägerth and Joao Araujo

2012 is here and after over 20,000 meetings with companies held by Universum’s team throughout 2011, we’ve had interesting discussions about what to expect this year.  The first impression is that our colleagues in Africa, Asia and US are feeling that the competition for talent is getting fiercer, while the European colleagues see a market where employer brands are getting more innovative and competitive. All in all, we see seven trends that might shape 2012:

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A Definitive Guide to Social Intranet Strategy

Original Source: The Social Intranet Infographic: 10 Steps to a Social Intranet, The Social Intranet Infographic, Prescient Digital

A social intranet is only one part technology, and two parts people and process. In fact, technology is only an enabler, and may only be worth 20% of the total value of an intranet.

Truth be told, a successful social intranet is remarkably similar to an intranet. Not unlike like the high-performance sports car to the family car, a high-performance social intranet resembles the corporate, family intranet at first glance… but only when it’s not performing to expectations. A flourishing social intranet needs many of the requisites of a regular, run-of-the-mill intranet: well-defined governance and process(es), highly engaged people, and highly functional technology. But the devil is in the non-technical details: the process.

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