How Employee Engagement Determines Your Business Success

Original source: How Employee Engagement Drives Business Success

How do you define success? For most executives, it comes down to profit or revenue levels, brand equity, or percent of market share. But to truly understand the key drivers for all aspects of business success, it’s critical to examine and measure the true impetus: your employees. They are the ones who make your products and serve your customers. They are the face of your brand.

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Turning Social Influence Into Social Gain

Again, I admit… I love me some Awareness Inc. And they’ve recently put together a white paper and infographic on leveraging social influence for marketers. Please note: I do not receive incentive from Awareness Inc. for posting content or whitepapers that is produced by them. Nor have they asked me to post on their behalf. I simply believe in what they do.

As a marketer, your ultimate objective is to influence your audience to believe certain things, to behave in certain ways and ultimately to consume or buy your products and services. Sure, your performance may be judged by a very specific set of metrics, but at the end of the day your objective is to influence your audience.

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Employee Investment Means Business Results

Through their Employer Solutions Blog, Sage HRMS discusses and provides advice on various HR and payroll topics. Their latest post and infographic illustrates how employees are the most important component in the quest to improve business results.

Why are some companies thriving while others struggle to stay in business? What is the distinctive difference between a good company and a truly great company? The answers to these questions can only be found when looking at what defines the company: its people. The people that make up a company are that organization’s unique and biggest asset. For most businesses, the workforce is also its largest expense, or better put, its largest investment.

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Frontline Employees: Engaging the Dis-engaged

This post was originally published by CallMe! IQ, the online resource for Human Capital issues facing the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing industries. The original post: High Cost of Employee Dis-engagement. While this particular post is geared towards call center employees, there’s great information, action plan and case studies that apply across all functional areas.

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From Social Media to Social Business at IBM BeNeLux (Case Study)

IBM’s goal is to promote the vision of social business by embedding it into the digital activities and everyday thinking of employees. The challenge is to inspire already technically savvy and digitally motivated employees to become ‘digital citizens’, enthuse them about the value social media can add and motivate them to start exploring the online world.

With this objective in mind, IBM BeNeLux enlisted the aid of global marketing agency, Ketchum Pleon, to help them transition from not just doing social media, but to transform  their daily business through social technologies. A pool of best technical minds and leading innovators – who believe in building a smarter planet – decided to move IBM and its clients well beyond social media into a new era of collaboration they call Social Business.

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