The Importance of Being Known

I admire people who are able to easily separate their work and personal lives. Many people are able to go to work and then go home without mixing the two. I am not one of them. As a professional, as a blogger and as a mother, my work and personal lives spill over constantly. It’s part of my human nature to want to know my co-workers as people, to understand what motivates them both professionally and personally. For me, it makes me an empathetic team player, a more engaged employee, and all around happier person.

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You’re Invited to Have an Impact… Join me at #Impact99

There is an overwhelming torrent of information hitting us from all angles when it comes to social media. For most professionals, the question is no longer why, but how. But it’s a daunting task to interpret and sort out the knowledge, statistics and research, and determining the best approach for you and for your organization. If your experience is anything like mine, every answer results in even more questions.

If this sounds familiar, please consider joining me on Oct 2 at Impact99-HR Summit in Vancouver — a unique one-day experience that helps HR and business leaders move from thought to action as they get educated on social workplaces, HR innovation and business thought leadership.

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I Can’t Get No… (Employee) Satis-fac-tion…

In recent years, businesses have spent more on employee reward and recognition programs to attract top talent and retain good employees. However, a recent Maritz Motivation Solutions study shows more than half of employees do not feel meaningfully rewarded and recognized by those programs. In fact, only 45.3% of employees feel rewarded and recognized in meaningful ways.

To identify opportunities for creating better employee programs, the study focused on distinguishing the specific drives and values of employees relating to reward and recognition programs. Four distinct employee value segments emerged – Altruists, Drivers, Pioneers and Stabilizers.

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