How do you define HR?

When you talk to most HR professionals and ask them to define HR, you are likely to get a response that is similar to “HR is about the people” or “HR is about the greatest asset of any organization which is the people.”

When HR Daily Advisor asked Kojo Amissah, SPHR, HRMP, MBA from Ghana to define HR, he provided an answer you don’t hear every day:

“HR is about the business to the extent to which you can utilize people to obtain business goals.”

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No More Silos… Just Social Business

From: Holistic Social Relationships, Breaking Down Social Media Silos and Enabling a Coordinated Brand Voice, Astute Solutions

A holistic approach to social listening and engagement can transform your business into a social business, help you quickly find relevance in the massive social world and allow you to use the information for the betterment of your entire organization.

At first blush it might seem like marketing should take the lead and “own” social media and there are plenty of benefits available that can be leveraged to enhance the brand. But once you identify the numerous stakeholders who have or will find tremendous value in social information, it quickly becomes clear: social media is not all about marketing, sales, PR, HR or even support.

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Finding the Needle in the Proverbial Social Media Haystack [#infographic]

97% of chatter on social media offers little to no value to your organization nor its goals. So how do you get to the 3% that matters?

Astute Solutions, a CRM software solutions company, has created an infographic to help you make business sense of all the social media chatter and integrate valuable social insights throughout your entire organization.

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The People’s Portal: Of the People and For the People

A couple of weeks ago, my face hurt. Really, really bad. So I went to the doctors office expecting to spend the first half hour of my visit filling out all of the obligatory paperwork. I was surprised to find, then, that gone where the paper forms and instead my data was collected and tracked electronically. My doctor and I spent more time interacting, addressing my problem and coming up with a solution. And as a result it was a much more enriching experience.

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Employee Engagement + Customer Satisfaction = Financial Performance | #infographic

Increased employee engagement and customer satisfaction can directly bolster your bottom line. NBRI’s latest infographic takes a closer look at these two concepts and provides examples of companies that embraced them.

Bottom line: Their pocketbooks were quite happy they did.

Employee Engagement + Customer Service = Financial Performance

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