Work Engaged, Work Inspired – The Benefits of Employee Engagement [#infographic]

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Here’s another great infographic on employee engagement…

Engaged workers are happier, more productive, and more enthusiastic about their work. However, the majority of workers are simply spinning their wheels, costing themselves and their companies in terms of both well-being and dollars. In fact, disengaged workers are costing upwards of 370 BILLION in lost productivity annually. That’s billion, folks.

Work inspired, and help keep your team in high gear, by utilizing everyone’s strengths, recognizing others’ contributions, and building a healthy culture. The benefits speak for themselves.

Ways to engage and inspire:

  • Offer recognition – 82% of employees say recognition inspires them
  • Play to strengths – Employees whose strengths are properly utilized are 6x more engaged
  • Build culture – 66% of employees work in a healthy culture

Work Engaged, Work Inspired – The Benefits of Employee Engagement [#infographic]



Elizabeth is a strategic communications leader with nearly 20 years’ experience in both internal and external communications. She is a trailblazer who believes traditional lines between internal and external communications are becoming a thing of the past, and thought leader in advancing organizational objectives and achieving business goals by developing multi-channel communication strategies that support corporate marketing initiatives, increase employee engagement, strengthen corporate culture, and drive company profitability. She is a passionate advocate for developing communications that foster a stronger relationship between the organization and its employees.

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