Who’s Using Social Media Anyway?

Guest post by Ann Barrett, Director eRecruitment & Social Media Strategy at Sun Life Digital. You can find Ann via her Social Recruiting blog where she writes about social media and Human Resources. She can also be found on LinkedIn.

Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pintrest, Instagram, LinkedIn. They all have become mainstream words we use in our everyday conversation. They have penetrated all forms of media including print, TV, radio, video and digital. It would almost seem strange not to hear or see those familiar icons.

Instagrampca_icon_linkedin_111w_116h googleplustwitter Copy of YouTubeCopy of pca_icon_facebook_111w_111h

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A Four Step Strategy to a Secure Mobile Enterprise

enteprise-mobile-secuirtyIn a post on ReadWriteEnterprise, guest author Vijay Dheap, Mobile Security Strategist at IBM, outlines how organizations can effectively implement a mobile risk management strategy. Below is an excerpt of the post, but for the full version please read: The Mobile Enterprise: 4 Steps To Keeping It Secure [Infographic]

Security is a balancing act, especially when it comes to emerging technologies that promise to unlock massive business potential. Each new wave of change requires an enterprise to adapt its security posture, or risk being left behind – or exposed to unmanaged risk.

Mobile is no different.

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Engaged Employees Come in All Shapes and Sizes | #infographic by @bloomfire

Engaged Employees Come in All Shapes and Sizes | #infographic

Engagement comes in all shapes and sizes depending on the needs and motivations of the specific individual. I love this #infographic by Bloomfire that breaks down employee engagement by demographic and gives insight on how to identify engaged employees.

Engaged Employees Come in All Shapes and Sizes | #infographic by @bloomfire

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The Multi-Channel Intranet

This article has been co-authored with Wedge from Kilobox Communiqué; his original article forms the foundation of the thoughts presented.


The intranet often gets defined as an amorphous mass, or just as bad, as the home page and news archive. This seems obvious and clear if the internal communications team is charged with just “sending out information.”

‘Channel management’ seems to be an important yet glamour-lacking tactical responsibility for any internal communications team. A ‘channel audit’ is a regular requirement when a senior person joins the team; defining the capabilities, benefits, and reach of a channel and who is responsible for its use and maintenance is crucial to getting the best out of it.

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BYOD Policy Should Precede BYOD Technology

Following is an excerpt from The Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) by MaaS360.  For the full list of “commandments” please visit the Maas360 site to download the entire guide.

Like any other IT project, policy must precede technology—yes, even in the cloud. To effectively leverage mobile device management (MDM) technology for employee owned devices, you still need to decide on policies. These policies affect more than just IT; they have implications for HR, legal, and security—any part of the business that uses mobile devices in the name of productivity.

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