The Business Impacts of Talent Intelligence year, Oracle President Mark Hurd outlined the ways that executives can use HR intelligence to help them make better business decisions, shape the future of their organizations and improve the bottom line.

He highlighted that talent management is one of the top three focus areas for CEOs, and explained how HR intelligence can help drive decisions to meet business objectives. Hurd urged HR leaders to use data to make fact-based decisions about hiring, talent management and succession to drive strategic growth. To win the race for talent, Hurd explained that organizations need powerful technology that provides fact-based valuable insight that is needed to proactively manage talent, drive strategic initiatives that promote innovation, and enhance business performance.

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Recognizing a Multigenerational Workforce this Employee Appreciation Day

Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

In order to help you quickly identify generational differences as well as motivators and themes for recognizing employees of every generation appropriately, Michael C. Fina, a leading provider of global employee recognition and incentive programs, launched a new infographic: “Appreciating A Multigenerational Workforce”. The infographic allows managers and leaders to quickly identify generational differences as well as motivators and themes for appreciating employees of every generation appropriately.

“While it is important to recognize employees every day, Employee Appreciation Day reminds us to refocus our workforce appreciation efforts,” said Ashley Fina, president of Michael C. Fina. “With four generations working together, each has distinct characteristics that organizations need to take into account when appreciating their employees.”

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