Social Tools, Social Workplace?

Source: Bring Your Own Service, Microsoft Press Release, May 27, 2013

Nearly half of employees report that social tools at work help increase their productivity, but more than 30 percent of companies underestimate the value of these tools and often restrict their use, according to new Microsoft research.

The survey asked 9,908 employees in 32 countries and found that 39 percent of them feel there isn’t enough collaboration in their workplaces, and 40 percent believe social tools help foster better teamwork. More surprisingly, 31 percent said they are willing to spend their own money to buy social tools.

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Star Trek Out of Darkness and Into Enterprise Mobility

This article originally appeared: What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Enterprise Mobility, Citrix Online

Photo courtesy of: Legoagogo via Flickr

Being on the Starship Enterprise was like being in the workplace of the future. In fact the Enterprise operated with the same challenges that enterprises face today. Everyone had lots of devices, needed access to lots of different apps and desktops from these devices, and the ability to share data and do this with complete security and control. On top of that, everyone wanted the ability to work at any time, from any device and from anywhere. The Enterprise was definitely the workplace of the future.

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Commit. Engage. Excel. Keeping and Engaging Your Talent.

Commit, Engage, Execute.TalentKeepers just released its 2013 Talent Engagement and Retention Trends Survey Report which is now the largest and longest running study of its kind.  This year’s research signals another shift in nearly every aspect of how organizations manage human resources is underway, and finally this time the shift is signaling a brighter outlook. This optimism shows up in a wide range of measures as organizations gain confidence and take a longer view in planning their talent strategies.

In all, it’s a great, comprehensive report and a valuable read for any human resources and employee engagement leader and practitioner.

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