10 Employee Engagement Ideas That Get Serious Results


Idea #1: Concentrate High-Engagement Leadership At The Employee Management Level

Employee surveys consistently show that the single most important factor in employee engagement is an employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager. In fact, employees don’t leave companies; they leave their managers. And they’re willing to do this despite tough economic conditions.

According to HR Magazine, engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave an organization. So, managers and team leaders need to become expert relationship builders and they need to learn how to nourish and sustain those relationships over time.

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Intranet Revolution: 5 Tips to Stay Up-to-Date

We came across this post by Andrea Mollett, associate at Standing Partnership, and thought we’d share it. Enjoy!

280_0_3808446_340818Like all things digital, intranets have changed dramatically over the last decade. The first intranet I worked on launched in 2007. So much has changed from that basic online repository of news and documents.

Intranets must adapt to the ever changing interactive world. Most of these changes boil down to one idea – giving employees the features they’ve come to expect from external sites. Beyond that, good intranets can also serve a greater business function and deliver real value by supporting and engaging employees.

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The Big Picture Between Internal Communications and Employee Engagement [#infographic]

Internal communications is a critical success factor for effective organizational change and employee engagement.

Without effective internal communications, poorly planned and managed communications, as well as change management programs, will almost certainly fail to meet expectations with the business, senior leaders, and employees. In fact, rather than creating positive change and employee engagement, the opposite can happen, ultimately creating employee disengagement.

This means the way organizations approach, structure and drive internal communications
sets the stage for the success of effective change and employee engagement.

That’s why we love this infographic created by H&H Comms. While it’s specific to the UK, which is your field guide to understanding the bigger picture of internal comms and employee engagement and why they matter to the bottom line.

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Five Trends that Will Transform HR Technology | #HRISWeek

HR_Tech_Trends_iStockImportant to understanding how best to leverage your HR technology systems of today, it’s equally important to see how HR technology has been instrumental in transforming the field of HR, and how changes on the horizon have the potential for an even greater impact in the future. Some of the most important tech trends to follow are listed below.

1. Growth of social networking

One of the next challenges for HR executives is learning to integrate information from social networking sites. Potential benefits exist alongside problems of privacy and data accuracy. Challenges are evolving as new legislation and applications develop. German politicians have already proposed to outlaw the use of social networking information in employment decision-making.

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Five HRIS Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | #HRISWeek

HR MistakesAn effective HR information system will contribute to overall cost reductions through better resource allocation and as such the decision to implement an HRIS is fairly simple, straightforward and smart. What’s not so simple is making sense of the numerous problems that organizations have with information systems of this sort. What follow are the Top 5 mistakes that companies encounter with Human Resource Information Systems implementation replete with tested tips to help you avoid some of those same pitfalls.

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