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Disgruntled Customer 2.0 – Lessons Learned from British Airways in Brand Reputation


In just a couple of weeks, I will be flying British Airways  as I travel to speak at Interaction 2013,  an intranet conference in London that I’m really looking forward to and would ideally like to attend while fully dressed — I’m sure the attendees would appreciate it too. So, the recent firestorm regarding British Airways and the lost baggage incident on Twitter certainly peaked my interest. Painful as it for British Airways right now, it’s a great case study of many things: customer service, crisis communications, reputation management and social media presence.

Becoming an Employer of Choice… By Choice


Among all the feedback employers receive from its employees, one that particularly interests me is employee perception that a company cultivates and attends to the relationship it has with its customers more so than the one it has with its employees. How many of you feel that your external brand or web site is dynamic, sexy and interactive while the internal one for employees looks like it was created in 1998? We create products and services to attract customers, but why does it seem that we lapse in putting the same effort in attracting and retaining employees?

7 Trends in Employer Branding for 2012


Original Source: 7 trends in employer branding for 2012, Daniel Wägerth and Joao Araujo

2012 is here and after over 20,000 meetings with companies held by Universum’s team throughout 2011, we’ve had interesting discussions about what to expect this year.  The first impression is that our colleagues in Africa, Asia and US are feeling that the competition for talent is getting fiercer, while the European colleagues see a market where employer brands are getting more innovative and competitive. All in all, we see seven trends that might shape 2012:

What Does Your Employer Branding Fishbowl Look Like?


Every company has two distinct brands, its employer brand and its consumer brand. With the rise of social networking, your company, how you run it and your culture has become a fishbowl — everything you do is on display for all to see. And like it or not, your employees have an abundance of channels for broadcasting their opinions — both negative and positive.

Fundamental Techniques and Building Blocks to Create a Powerful and Profitable Brand


Below is an excerpt from ANA Marketing’s The Five Drivers to Creating and Maintaining Brand Loyalty. Visit the ANA Marketing web site to read this post in its entirety. To discover more tips on using social media to build your brand, register for the ANA’s course on The Art and Science of Brand Building that begins on April 18, 2011 in New York, NY.