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The Connection Between Employment Brand and Employee Engagement [Infographic]


Image source: CaptivationMedia Do you want to make your brand resonate with your employees? Most companies start by using their recognition program to reinforce and explain the desired values and behaviors. But if you want to make those values come alive—–go deeper.

The reality is that employee behavior is a big reflection of your business. It speaks volumes about the authenticity of your value proposition. If employees don’t understand or don’t believe in what your company says it stands for, why should your customers? Give your employees a reason to live the brand and your organization will thrive in the marketplace.

From Social Media to Social Business at IBM BeNeLux (Case Study)


IBM’s goal is to promote the vision of social business by embedding it into the digital activities and everyday thinking of employees. The challenge is to inspire already technically savvy and digitally motivated employees to become ‘digital citizens’, enthuse them about the value social media can add and motivate them to start exploring the online world.

Balancing a Personal Brand with a Corporate Brand


With so many companies who are recognizing the power of inside out communications — leveraging employees as external brand advocates — this is fantastic post by Michael Brito, Edelman Digital, explains how to balance personal brand with a corporate brand. This is a definite read if you are someone who participates in a social media ambassador program or if you are a company that has launched or is exploring the possibility of one.

Toolkit for Launching a Social Media Ambassador Program


I recently discussed the value of creating a social media program to a group of individuals looking to create an ambassador program for their company. The discussion focused on how to build enthusiasm as well as recommendations on how to implement. Below is what we discussed. Enjoy!

Two Resources Every Corporate Social Media Policy Contributor Should Have


I don’t think any one really wonders IF they should have a corporate social media policy anymore, but rather it seems the bigger question is how to actually create one. There are many web sites that offer sample policies that are easily findable through a search; however, I thought I would highlight two web resources that I use / visit fairly regularly when researching corporate social media policies.