Is Your Social Brand the Authentic You?

Branding is no longer just for companies. People are increasingly ‘packaging and marketing’ themselves to find employment, whether that’s as a freelancer or for a company contract. The social branding trend is booming; there are how-to guides, blogs, articles and advice columns popping up everywhere with tips on how to perfect that brand and how to use it to connect with others.

Social branding: Building a brand on social media. Social media offers an affordable way to build your brand online, engage more people and easily interact with potential and existing customers and/or employers.

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Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates #infographic

Why is it so important to leverage your employees as brand advocates? Because they’re TWICE as trusted as your C-level executive!

Employee Advocates are Hiding Super Powers Infographic by @socialchorus

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From Social Media to Social Business at IBM BeNeLux (Case Study)

IBM’s goal is to promote the vision of social business by embedding it into the digital activities and everyday thinking of employees. The challenge is to inspire already technically savvy and digitally motivated employees to become ‘digital citizens’, enthuse them about the value social media can add and motivate them to start exploring the online world.

With this objective in mind, IBM BeNeLux enlisted the aid of global marketing agency, Ketchum Pleon, to help them transition from not just doing social media, but to transform  their daily business through social technologies. A pool of best technical minds and leading innovators – who believe in building a smarter planet – decided to move IBM and its clients well beyond social media into a new era of collaboration they call Social Business.

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Balancing a Personal Brand with a Corporate Brand

With so many companies who are recognizing the power of inside out communications — leveraging employees as external brand advocates — this is fantastic post by Michael Brito, Edelman Digital, explains how to balance personal brand with a corporate brand. This is a definite read if you are someone who participates in a social media ambassador program or if you are a company that has launched or is exploring the possibility of one.

Original post: Managing The Conflict Between A Personal Brand And A Corporate Brand, Britopian

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Toolkit for Launching a Social Media Ambassador Program

I recently discussed the value of creating a social media program to a group of individuals looking to create an ambassador program for their company. The discussion focused on how to build enthusiasm as well as recommendations on how to implement. Below is what we discussed. Enjoy!

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Two Resources Every Corporate Social Media Policy Contributor Should Have

I don’t think any one really wonders IF they should have a corporate social media policy anymore, but rather it seems the bigger question is how to actually create one. There are many web sites that offer sample policies that are easily findable through a search; however, I thought I would highlight two web resources that I use / visit fairly regularly when researching corporate social media policies.

Chris Boudreaux created to provide tools and resources for leaders and managers who want to get the most from their social media and social application investments.

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