What’s so wrong with taking lunch?

LunchBreakMy typical work day: Arrive. Work or meetings for roughly 4 or 5 hours. Rush down to grab lunch before the cafeteria closes. Scarf down food at my desk within 10 minutes. Then back to work and meetings for another 4 or 5 hours.

Sound familiar? If so, you’re in good company.

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The Top 5 HR Infographics of 2015

 As defined by the Corporate Executive Board.. The top five Infographics from 2015 that every HR professional should read.

  1. Create Compelling Career Paths for Employees and Organizations — Understand the key strategies your organization can apply to create a dynamic approach to careers that motivates employees. Shift from the traditional promotion-based to a growth-based career culture that benefits both your organization and your employees.

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The Journey from Candidate to Hire Touches Every Aspect of the Employer Brand

It’s no secret that talent acquisition is evolving faster than it ever has and much of it has been due to candidate expectations of employers what we like to call the “consumerization of the candidate experience.”

Candidates expect an experience on par with the consumer experience and when they make purchase decisions (and what is a career choice other than “our most important purchase decision”), they want an experience that is transparent, relationship-based, personalized and flexible.

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Ten Company Culture Killers [#infographic]

Great infographic by OfficeVibe, an employee engagement company. It’s a list of the ten things that will destroy a company’s culture and cause low employee engagement. Here are the company culture killers:

The 10 Company Culture Killers

This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe. Learn employee engagement facts that will stop company culture killers from growing in your company.

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The Future of Internal Communications [#infographic]

Guest post by: Newsweaver Internal Communications, Danielle Gibbons

the-future-of-internal-comms“In a world where digital technology can both help and hinder employee interactions, there’s an intrinsic need to address how to ensure excellence from our managers. When companies get manager communication right, it can be a source of competitive advantage.” — Luke Dodd, Melcrum

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Winning the Hearts and Minds of Your Employees [#infographic]

Employee engagement is a much talked about topic, and despite all the chatter it continues to be a challenge because all too often senior leaders don’t understand the impacts that increased engagement can have to the organizations. I agree with what Six Seconds says which is that senior leaders continue to make three tragic mistakes:

1. This as a “nice to have” instead of confronting reality:
Employee engagement is the lifeblood of performance.

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