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Building A Social Business – It’s Not Just About Technology


The 8 Step Guide to Building a Social Workplace While social business has become a hot buzzword over the last few years, the evidence of success has been hard to capture and measure. Successes are much more clearly identified and defined when it comes to technology and collaboration platform adoption, but much the lines become more blurry when it comes to emotional, cultural impacts and business successes as a result of becoming a social workplace.

Star Trek Out of Darkness and Into Enterprise Mobility


This article originally appeared: What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Enterprise Mobility, Citrix Online

Photo courtesy of: Legoagogo via Flickr

Being on the Starship Enterprise was like being in the workplace of the future. In fact the Enterprise operated with the same challenges that enterprises face today. Everyone had lots of devices, needed access to lots of different apps and desktops from these devices, and the ability to share data and do this with complete security and control. On top of that, everyone wanted the ability to work at any time, from any device and from anywhere. The Enterprise was definitely the workplace of the future.

The Best of 2012′s Social Media White Paper Goodness


Are you addicted to white papers, just as I am? Well, my friends at Awareness, Inc. have put together an epic list of the top 10 social media whitepapers of 2012. Enjoy the white paper goodness. And try to tweet every once in a while so we know you’re still there, K?

Source: Awareness Inc.

No More Silos… Just Social Business


From: Holistic Social Relationships, Breaking Down Social Media Silos and Enabling a Coordinated Brand Voice, Astute Solutions

A holistic approach to social listening and engagement can transform your business into a social business, help you quickly find relevance in the massive social world and allow you to use the information for the betterment of your entire organization.

Finding the Needle in the Proverbial Social Media Haystack [#infographic]


97% of chatter on social media offers little to no value to your organization nor its goals. So how do you get to the 3% that matters?

Astute Solutions, a CRM software solutions company, has created an infographic to help you make business sense of all the social media chatter and integrate valuable social insights throughout your entire organization.

Company Culture the Biggest Hurdle to Becoming a Social Business


Image courtesy of Moleskin.comTo find out what people actually think about social, cloud enablement technology company, Appirio recently conducted a survey with 300+ international (UK and US) respondents where they  focused on end-users of social and what they think of it. Interesting findings include:

  • People’s bosses uses social tools twice as much as they do
  • Brits are more social at work than people in the US
  • Everyone generally recognizes the potential of social and wants their company to invest more in it