Company Culture the Biggest Hurdle to Becoming a Social Business

Image courtesy of Moleskin.comTo find out what people actually think about social, cloud enablement technology company, Appirio recently conducted a survey with 300+ international (UK and US) respondents where they  focused on end-users of social and what they think of it. Interesting findings include:

  • People’s bosses uses social tools twice as much as they do
  • Brits are more social at work than people in the US
  • Everyone generally recognizes the potential of social and wants their company to invest more in it
  • People think culture and having an owner for social are more important for success than budget

Mark Fidelman, Forbes, on Appirio’s study:

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How Play at Work Makes Work.. Work

It’s a touchy subject: does promoting “play” (or gamification) at work actually make your employees more engaged? It’s a topic that I’ve broached with many senior leaders with varying and valid concerns, mainly:

  1. Gamification can’t truly drive productivity because it is too much of a distraction.
  2. Doesn’t it foster competition rather than drive community and collaboration?
  3. Current internal portal structure doesn’t support or enable gamification technologies.
  4. Correlation between gamification and business performance is unclear.

Target Work Activities to Reward Desired Behavior

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50 Shades of Engagement

Update: A version of this post was published on Ragan Communications: “50 definitions of employee engagement” on August 6, 2012. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this post!

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From Social Media to Social Business at IBM BeNeLux (Case Study)

IBM’s goal is to promote the vision of social business by embedding it into the digital activities and everyday thinking of employees. The challenge is to inspire already technically savvy and digitally motivated employees to become ‘digital citizens’, enthuse them about the value social media can add and motivate them to start exploring the online world.

With this objective in mind, IBM BeNeLux enlisted the aid of global marketing agency, Ketchum Pleon, to help them transition from not just doing social media, but to transform  their daily business through social technologies. A pool of best technical minds and leading innovators – who believe in building a smarter planet – decided to move IBM and its clients well beyond social media into a new era of collaboration they call Social Business.

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Putting Social HR in Its Place: The Employee Lifecycle

Social HR and the Employee LifecycleWhen I present social business as my passion, the typical listener assumes I’m talking about Yammer, Facebook or Sharepoint. It’s interesting to see how they can easily confuse social platforms as the same as being a social business. But it’s not.

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Social Collaboration is Here to Stay

Original Source: The State of Social Collaboration, Central Desktop

Social collaboration is here to stay.  In less than five years, the dialogue around social collaboration has shifted from skepticism to “expecticism.”

In the near future, software vendors won’t differentiate on whether or not they are social – virtually all business software will be inherently social. The intranets of tomorrow will ALL be like Facebook. Rapid and hyper collaboration tools that leverage the entire company and remote workers will be “table stakes” in the enterprise.

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