HR Transformation is Upon Us… it’s #HRISWeek

HR TechnologyMost people only know HR as a policy enforcer or as a benefits administrator. But the role of HR is complex and multi faceted. Yes, there is a enforcer aspect to HR, but there is also another, even more important role… that of the engager. And the technology behind HR is the key to managing both these roles. A recent article in Forbes describes it best:

HR (specifically talent management) is an art and a science. Achieving the right balance between the two should be the goal of every global leader.

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The BYOD Party — And 7 Ways to Keep it Under Control

BYOD PartyEmployees bringing their own devices to work is not new. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming the rule rather than the exception in today’s workplace. In fact, a growing number of employees are already using their personal communications devices for business purposes, whether or not there is a corporate policy in place. This is most evident in the U.S. (68%) and Canada (65%), compared with the UK, where only 47% operate in this way. (Source: Citrix, Workplace Mobility and the Small Business). 2012-13 really was the year mobility entered the enterprise mainstream. 2013-14 should be the year of consolidation and establishing guidelines around BYOD use.

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Social HR, Self Service Style

One of the most important steps to putting social HR in it’s place is to take a look at the employee lifecycle and determining your best opportunities for integration within an HR portal. Doing so drives self-service, relevancy to employees’ every day work and the ability to interact and engage with employees. Effective social HR is more than just building online communities… it’s also about integration of backend data and enabling self-service — improving the way employees help themselves online.

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Creating a Social Intranet where Employees can Learn, Plan and Do

This post is the introduction to a new three part “Learn, Plan and Do” series that explores the use of social technologies to take your intranet to the next level, to create a social intranet. But hopefully you will find that it goes even further.. to not only create a social intranet, but to also introduce your employees to an integrated social experience.

Special note: Proud to say that this post made Ragan’s HR Communicator on March 17, 2011. Thank you everyone for your tweets, retweets and comments. The Social Workplace only truly exhibits the essence of social media when you contribute to it. Thank you!

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Listen Up, Location-based Services… Chicks are Influencers Too!

If you haven’t seen the flurry of conversations the past two days, let me be the one to tell you that Forrester has  just released a very insightful report on the use of Location-based Services (LBS). Specifically, the use of applications such as Foursquare, Gowalla and Loopt as a means for companies to engage and interact with consumers. LBS applications, as an emerging technology, has a lot of consumers (of the people surveyed 84% had never even heard of Foursquare, Gowalla, or Loopt) and brands wondering if it is technology that is all hype — not surprising since any new technology has a period of adoption while users determine it’s stickiness.

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Build 'Communities of Purpose' — On Purpose

Original post:  eModeration publishes new white paper: Communities of Purpose

A new white paper from moderation and community management company, eModeration, details how best a ‘community of purpose’ can be managed, to maximise the engagement and support that these communities can offer their members.

The paper, Communities of Purpose, focuses on interactive online communities with a clear goal, otherwise known as ‘communities of purpose’. Brands and not-for-profit organisations alike can establish these communities to act as a focal point for members to meet, contribute content and provide mutual support. Think of Weight WatchersWalk the Walk (raising money to combat breast cancer) or Liberal Democrat Voice for example.

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