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  1. Hi,

    My name is David Keane and I am a Director of Davitt Corporate Partners Ltd., Ireland’s leading organisational psychology consultancy. I was scrolling through your website and thought that you might be interested in publishing my infographic entitled ‘What You Need to Know to Be Productive at Work’’.If you’d like to publish this on your page, I would really appreciate it if you could please credit our site using this URL Let me know what you think, I would be delighted with your feedback or to answer any questions you might have. Also let me know if you require a unique introductory summary I can send that on to complement the infographic for one of your posts.

    Many thanks,

  2. I have gone through your website and found your blogging section well-maintained and highly informative. Being a blogger, I want to contribute some of my contents enveloping latest social media marketing technology to websites like yours. I have many topics related to your niche.

    I’m really excited to provide you some of our best content for social media management metrics, if it works for you, the title is: “How to Measure Social Media Using Social Analytics Reports?” In this piece of content, readers get aware with the fact that “Social media analytic tool is just not a tool, it has become an important topic for research. Unless and until you monitor your marketing campaign, check the results, track the campaign at every particular point, it becomes quite difficult to get going in such a competitive market.”

    We’d be happy to shoot you an email about once a week with remarkable posts.

    Let us know your thoughts. If you’re not interested in the direction of the content, I can whip out other articles that are all up to par with your website’s niche.

    Some of the other Suggested Guest Post Titles:

    #1 Snapchat: The Latest Tool to Win Over the Stereotype Marketing Trends

    In marketing domain, the equation is quite simple. The one who understands the trend dominates the trend. And Snapchat is the latest trend of social media platform. If you wish to target the youth nothing can be a better platform than Snapchat.

    #2 Facebook Messenger Chatbots: The Next Step in Big Thing in the Evolution of Ecommerce

    Chatbots are gaining huge popularity in the digital era which is turning out to be a powerful and popular tool for marketing. Chat bots offer flexibility in order to automate tasks and also assists marketers to retain data. It is one of the vital ways to enhance consumer experience for the purpose of better sales and to grow your consumer interaction assessments.

    Here is my previous writing sample, for your reference:

    What are your suggestions for this?
    Thanks. Waiting for your response!

    Best Regards,
    Sumit Ghosh,
    Socioboard Technologies.

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  3. Hello!

    I’ve bumped into The Social Workplace a couple of times now and love the feel of the site and the articles. I currently write for Business2Community along with several other news and blog sites online and I’d love to contribute to yours.
    I spend most of my time writing about HR and leadership development with topics like employee engagement or onboarding new hires. One of my favorite articles was on employee reward and recognition and how money isn’t always the greatest motivating factor.

    If you’re interested in my becoming a contributor, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Annabelle Smyth

    1. Annabelle,

      I’m always open to guest bloggers and if you write about HR and leadership that’s very topical to The Social Workplace. Feel free to submit a post! Best, Elizabeth

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