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How Employer Brand Fuels Employee Engagement (Not the other way around)

Employer Brand via @HRBoutiqueNot too long ago, the conversation of choice, for me and most other internal communicators, was how to better engage employees through more effective communications, onsite events and employee town halls, employee opinion surveys, and collaborative technology.

But that conversation evolved as I broadened my focus beyond employee engagement to encompass the entire employee journey (aka the employee lifecycle). But it wasn’t until I became involved in optimizing / creating the employee value proposition and the marketing of it that I realized what I’ve really been working on all these years is the embodiment of employer brand, how your company is perceived and how you market it as a place to work to both current and prospective employees. It’s really the perfect marriage between HR and marketing.

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How to Get More High Quality Candidates with Social Recruiting [Infographic]

Social Recruiting by @BetterteamappIf yours is like many businesses, you’re starting to notice a hiring crunch.

As you’ll see in the infographic below, the time to fill a position is at a record high of 27 days, and employers report being increasingly worried about the cost of positions that go unfilled.

The remedy to this situation appears to be social recruiting. Why?

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How does the U.S. Compare on Benefits and Compensation? The Good and Bad News

Employee Benefits (via Sanborn Career)This post has been guest authored by the folks at Betterteam, a web-based applicant tracking system where you can manage all your candidate applications and resumes in one easy-to-use online database.

Ever asked yourself how the United States compares to other countries when it comes to benefits and compensation?

The answer turns out to be pretty interesting. Betterteam, as part of their new hire checklist, has created the infographic below that takes a look at some interesting statistics – with a 2016 election twist. When it comes to benefits, the U.S. doesn’t stack up so well. We’re one of the worst when it comes to paternity leave, among the 4 countries that offers no guaranteed paid leave. Compare that with Sweden or South Korea, where employees enjoy more than 1 year paternity leave.

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How Top Companies Are Redefining Performance Management

Performance ManagementToday’s blog post features guest writer Stuart Hearn.

Any ambitious entrepreneur, or forward-thinking manager, is well aware of the importance of remaining competitive. Staying ahead of the curve is of the utmost importance for any HR department, and when it becomes clear to a company that their performance review system is not delivering results, we can always look to top organisations for inspiration.

Technology is here to stay and it is advancing by the day. Given the inherent flaws of traditional performance management systems and the logical progression toward continuous performance management, it is only natural that software should step in to bridge the gap between the old and the new, and to facilitate the process of regular check-ins, up-to-date feedback and effective communication.

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Millennials aren’t the only Maze Runners

maze and red figure_optNot too long ago, I wrote a blog post on creating a value proposition specific for millennials. It’s a topic that dominates many HR conversations today. Many a HR gurus, scholars, grad student, think tanks have written about millennials and their impact on the workforce, and so it’s not too hard to find soundbites such as:

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Employer Branding Measurement Dashboard

How to Measure (So You Can Manage) Your Employer Brand

Employer branding is key to building your company’s reputation as an employer of choice and there are a growing number of companies who are seeing the value in putting resources and budget into this work. After initial activation, your employer brand should continue to evolve and be updated to accurately reflect changes within your organization. Therefore, the longer tail of any employer brand strategy is the sustainment and management of it. But you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And it is very hard to describe the impact you’re making to an organization without that measurement.

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