Corporate Social Media is now on Alltop's Digital Magazine Rack

I believe one of the best skills for an effective blogger is someone who fervently researches and reads — finding not only inspiration for content but also supporting facts and figures. A lot of people ask me what sites or blogs inspire my own content for The Social Workplace. After spending some time compiling this list, I realized that I was overlooking the very resource that I used when I was first started looking:

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A Socially Networked Company Makes for a More Human Workforce

I love how social media has made our world just a little smaller — bringing people together across the globe who might not have met otherwise. For business, one of the biggest and most under-realized advantages to integrating social networking tools¬† is its ability to humanize a corporate workforce beyond just the typical four walls of a cubicle or office, and brings global colleagues and peers together to collaborate and communicate with each other who might not have otherwise known to use each other as resources. Without social networking tools, companies risk problems not being resolved, ideas becoming stagnant and employees feeling underutilized or underappreciated. So, if you’re a company wondering how you can unify your global workforce, social technologies are an excellent step to building a more collaborative, productive and HUMAN workforce.

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Defining Employee Roles for Social Media Participation

I recently came across this post by Lawrence Liu called, Social Media and New Roles For Employees. It is a wonderful post regarding employee roles in social media, the importance of aligning with marketing so that employees understand go-to-market messaging, as well as some thoughts on being translucent as opposed to transparent. This post also ties very nicely in with Jeremiah Owang’s discussion on the five ways companies let employees participate in social media.

Dan Schawbel recently posted a blog entry with the same title and suggested the following social media oriented roles for employees to take on:

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