Enabling The Social Workplace Through Social Technologies

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Through my own conversations, I have seen a shift in the C suite towards having a better understanding that social technology is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” in today’s results-driven workplace. There has been significant growth in the deployment of cohesive social platforms as a communications tool to help employees not only understand how their individual role contributes to overall business success but also as a valuable information tool for knowledge sharing and collaboration activities.

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Building A Social Business – It’s Not Just About Technology

The 8 Step Guide to Building a Social Workplace While social business has become a hot buzzword over the last few years, the evidence of success has been hard to capture and measure. Successes are much more clearly identified and defined when it comes to technology and collaboration platform adoption, but much the lines become more blurry when it comes to emotional, cultural impacts and business successes as a result of becoming a social workplace.

It’s no wonder that the industry has entered what Gartner refers to as the trough of disillusionment.

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No More Silos… Just Social Business

From: Holistic Social Relationships, Breaking Down Social Media Silos and Enabling a Coordinated Brand Voice, Astute Solutions

A holistic approach to social listening and engagement can transform your business into a social business, help you quickly find relevance in the massive social world and allow you to use the information for the betterment of your entire organization.

At first blush it might seem like marketing should take the lead and “own” social media and there are plenty of benefits available that can be leveraged to enhance the brand. But once you identify the numerous stakeholders who have or will find tremendous value in social information, it quickly becomes clear: social media is not all about marketing, sales, PR, HR or even support.

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Putting Social HR in Its Place: The Employee Lifecycle

Social HR and the Employee LifecycleWhen I present social business as my passion, the typical listener assumes I’m talking about Yammer, Facebook or Sharepoint. It’s interesting to see how they can easily confuse social platforms as the same as being a social business. But it’s not.

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Attend "Beyond Enterprise 2.0" to Energize your Organization for Performance and Change

Beyond Enterprise 2.0

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Join the Beyond Enterprise 2.0 event to gain insights from some of the world’s largest corporations on Internal Communications 2.0, Collaboration, Knowledge Management, Learning Development and More!

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Social Business Part 3: The Business of Measuring Business (feat. @LaurieShook)

It is my great pleasure to present the final post of my colleague Laurie Shook. Laurie brings her vast social media expertise and passion for enterprise 2.0 to introduce a new series on: How to Measure Enterprise Social Success. In Part three below, she analyses the Social Business Index recently launched by Dachis Group, which attempts to measure social engagement related to companies, their markets, partners, and their employees..

Part 3: The Business of Measuring Business

Times Square Stock Ticker It’s the dreaded question in every social media seminar: What’s the ROI of social media? Occasionally, we see specific case studies that prove the value of social media, but to date, the best proof of its importance is the corporate embarrassment when it is absent.

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