Does HR Really Get It?

Original post: HR Perception vs Reality, Kenexa Blog

As HR professionals, how tuned in are we to what our employees think and feel about our organization? This year, Kenexa set out to answer this question by asking the same questions of both HR professionals and employees around attitudes and engagement. The results were disconcerting. Gaps exist between employees and employer perceptions across a variety of topics from benefits to retention.

For more information, check out the free Kenexa white paper “Employee Attitudes and Engagement” and discover how HR’s perception of engagement, pride and retention compares to the reality for employees today.

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Where’s Your Employee’s Head?

Whether your traditional HR programs need a simple revitalization based on modern best practices or because you’d like to revolutionize them by applying a social layer, your FIRST step in transforming your existing HR programs is understanding where  an employee’s head is: what they’re thinking, what they need, where they want to go, and who they want to be.

If you follow this blog, you know that I believe the employee lifecycle is the foundation for balancing business needs with the needs of your employees. By integrating them into the employee lifecycle, you turn every day HR transactions into interactions that become tools relevant to how employees live and work, resulting in higher adoption and sustainability. To that end, you will not know where your employees’ heads are unless you break down the employee lifecycle.

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Why Social is Good for Business [Infographic]


Social media provides so much for the people who fully embrace it as their own, molding their social media profiles to fit their personalities, and not the other way around. Everything that it has the potential to provide is something your nonprofit’s HR department needs to look into.

Implementing rules on social media usage, but also encouraging the use of it to promote your nonprofit, are just a couple ways your HR department needs to be on top of social media.

Learn more about why your HR department needs to embrace social technology by checking out the infographic below.

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Putting Social HR in Its Place: The Employee Lifecycle

Social HR and the Employee LifecycleWhen I present social business as my passion, the typical listener assumes I’m talking about Yammer, Facebook or Sharepoint. It’s interesting to see how they can easily confuse social platforms as the same as being a social business. But it’s not.

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